Foxtober graphic textIt’s our favorite time of year here at Fox-Hat and Friends: pumpkin spice, colorful autumn leaves, Halloween around the corner, and foxes everywhere. To celebrate, we’ve enlisted some friends to contribute their creativity throughout the month. On the fifteenth, we’ll feature a list of fox-themed books and books with foxes as characters. Then on Halloween, a group of talented creators will share their take on the Foxtober image above. Expect some weird and wonderful things from that!

There’s also a prize–a cache of various foxy treasures collected throughout the year, including two plush blankets, art items, and knickknacks. Some of our guests might have gifts to offer as well. On November first, one person who is signed up to follow the blog (receive email notices) will be selected at random. That’s it! Make sure to sign up for a chance to win and so you don’t miss any of the cool Foxtober content.

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