Foxtober Guest I.J. Downey

Our Foxtober celebration continues with a beautiful original illustration and a short (but powerful) short by I.J. Downey. If you enjoy this contribution, why not comment to let I.J. know?

Kitsune waiting illustration


Waiting Under the Plum Tree

When we were young, we played beneath the plum tree’s branches. Later, we made love as sweet as the scent that drifted down to us.

Then, war came, and you asked me to wait in the shade of the ever changing branches.

Faithful, I stayed, waiting for your voice to wake my soul again.

Today, I saw your beautiful eyes in an unfamiliar face. Wrinkled hands cupped my face as dry lips kissed my cheek. I watched as a single tear tracked its way down the map of your face.

My heart, which had held a million unshed tears, burst.

Our sayonara, our final goodbye.

I will no longer wait under the plum blossoms; I will only mourn under the plum tree.


Interested in seeing more beautiful artwork? Check out I.J. Downey’s Etsy Store.

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