Free Fiction

SunMoonLiCoverArtThis novel was written for the M/M Romance Group’s “Don’t Read in the Closet” event. Authors wrote based upon requests from readers. This is the request I worked from:

Dear Author,

A beautiful warrior elven prince meets a shifter (also a prince or an alpha, and any kind will do).

Please include some battle scenes, a little jealousy involving a third party, and an HEA. No BDSM. Thanks.

I never planned to write a shifter story, but I took this as a challenge to do something very different with the genre. The story is suitable for everyone, but it does include a lot of battle violence, as per the request.

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Another novel written for the M/M Romance Group. This one is intended for adults only, please.

I wrote from this prompt:

Dear Author,

We’re a fun loving people, a little blood thirsty, but what race isn’t? We’ve discovered some humans have landed on our planet, not sure what they’re expecting to find or what they’re looking for. We guard our treasure well and the fun loving part notwithstanding we’ll fight to defend what’s ours. Amidst all this I’m trying to find my mate. He has to be somewhere.

Please no non-con.

This is an interspecies romance with tentacles. I always try to bring something unique to every theme I use, and this book is no exception–it’s a sweet romance with tentacle sex.

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